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  现在Omniture Greater China招聘一名实施工程师,这个工作负责整个大中华区,包括港澳台,工作地点在北京国贸,但是不排除出差。具体的情况如下,但别被下面的描述吓倒,因为100%符合条件一般来说都是不存在的。如果觉得自己满足大部分条件,或者想具体咨询的朋友,请给我发Email:,或者直接用这个mail跟我Gtalk。同时欢迎大家帮忙推荐!



Implementation Consultants gather and understand client’s unique business requirements and then customize Omniture’s products and solutions to meet these requirements and other reporting needs. In addition, they help each client implement Omniture code throughout their websites and applications, and perform quality checks to ensure that the implementation work has been completed successfully.
Levels: Associate, Staff, Senior
While not a programming position, implementation consulting is a very technical job function with constant customer interaction. This position includes all of the following aspects:

    * Gaining an in-depth knowledge of a client’s website architecture, online business model, and online marketing strategy
    * Interacting frequently with clients via phone, email, and/or in-person—including interaction with web developers, analysts, marketers, and C-level executives
    * Developing and customizing JavaScript and ActionScript code 
    * Managing multiple client engagements simultaneously
    * Some technical writing and PowerPoint presentation creation


    * Gather client business requirements and create customized solution designs for measuring online metrics and integrating offline metrics
    * Generate JavaScript, ActionScript, or other rich media collection code and assist with its implementation for reporting and optimization
    * Support client’s developers and third parties throughout the implementation process
    * Validate and debug implementation and follow through on issues until resolved
    * Manage customer expectations appropriately and keep projects on schedule and within scope
    * Communicate constantly with customers throughout the project lifecycle and provide regular status updates


Qualifications include:

    * Strong understanding of HTML and web protocols
    * Solid understanding of online marketing and web analytics
    * Intermediate-to-advanced JavaScript skills
    * Good technical writing skills
    * Bachelor’s degree
    * English speaking and writing skills
    * Must be self-motivated, responsive, and dedicated to customer success
    * Possess an innovative, problem-solving, and solutions-oriented mindset
    * Exceptional organizational, presentation, and communication skills – both verbal and written
    * Demonstrated ability to learn quickly, be a team player, and manage change effectively
    * Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office


    * Previous experience in implementing SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, Google Analytics, etc.
    * Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or other related fields
    * Masters degree or other advanced education
    * Web development experience
    * Web services (API) experience
    * Experience with web-related technologies such as XML, AJAX, PHP, SOAP, Python, RoR, Perl, C/C++, CGI, Java, ASP, or VBScript
    * Extensive Flash, ActionScript, or Flex experience
    * Demonstrated exceptional customer relationship skills from previous employment
    * Project management experience
    * Consulting experience
    * ERP, SaaS, or other software implementation experience
    * Deep vertical industry experience (e.g., Retail, media, financial services, high tech, etc.)

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