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The statistics of A/B testing results can be confusing unless you know exact formulas. Earlier, we had published articles related to mathematics of A/B testing and also have a free A/B testing calculator on the site to see if your results are significant or not. The article provides an introduction to A/B testing statistics and the calculator simply provides an interface; the real formulas used to calculate statistical significance of split testing results are still missing.

A/B测试结果的统计可能令人困惑,除非你知道确切的公式。 早些时候,我们发表了有关A/B测试数学运算的文章,同时提供了一款免费的A/B测试计算器,用于测试你的结果是否有价值。 本文为大家提供了关于A/B测试统计的说明,当然计算器仅仅是提供了一个界面,用于计算对比测试结果的统计显著性的实际的公式并没有放在里面。

Excel Sheet with A/B Testing Formulas


So, we have come up with a FREE spreadsheet which details how exactly the significance is calculated. You just need to provide the number of visitors and conversions for control and variations. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate for you significance, p-value, z-value and other relevant metrics for any kind of split testing (including Adwords). Of course, you can see the relevant formulas in the spreadsheet. Click the screenshot below to download the calculator (spreadsheet):




Click here to download A/B testing significance calculator (excel sheet)


Please feel free to share the file with your friends and colleagues or post it on your blog/twitter.


PS: By the way, if you want to do quick calculations, we have a version of this calculator hosted on Google Docs (please make a copy of the Google Doc sheet into your own account before you make any changes to it).


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    宋老师  请问一下   免费的A/B测试计算器   这个计算器 有没有中文版本的,英语不过关,看不懂。

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