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想了解Google Analytics, Omniture以及其他网站分析工具、网络营销监测和分析工具吗?看这里!



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  公司是SapientNitro,非常不错的一家4A广告公司。招聘的部门是我以前的老板Florian Pihs先生负责的分析与 优化部门。

  简单介绍一下Florian先生。他是WAW北京的创始人之一,也是最早把WA带入中国的外国人(没有之一 :) )。与他一起工作的感觉是——无论什么困难,你都会发现他有办法解决,而且在专业知识上,他可以称得上真正专业二字。总之,是一位非常令人钦佩的良师益友。







Marketing & Advertising


APAC Analytical Hub


Manager, Analytics & Optimization

Career Stage


External Title

Manager, Analytics & Optimization



Primary Role

Responsible for assessing, planning, tracking, and analyzing marketing initiatives in order to optimize. Serves as project lead on marketing analytics engagements and assumes ownership of all client deliverables. Contributes to thought leadership and business development initiatives within the Marketing Analytics offerings.



Domain Expertise in

–  Data and analytics,

–  A variety of technology tools and methods

–  Identifying and forecasting emerging trends in the industry

–  Measuring success & optimisation of marketing & advertising efforts


– Ability to work with multiple stakeholders while maintaining strong professional relationships

– Ability to provide inputs into strategic plans and convert to implementation

– Good at establishing & managing client relationships

– People Management skills


– Good oral and written communication skills in English & Chinese

– Presentation skills

– Ability to meaningfully contribute by presenting and articulating the thinking/concept behind the work

internally & externally to the client on an on-going basis

– Ability to communicate the client’s vision to the internal teams and lead the way


– Ability to translate Director’s vision, share and engage people in the team

 Other Attributes

– A self-starter with an entrepreneurial mind-set

– Ability to take a holistic view and connecting smaller / discrete parts.

– Orientation to client’s need and being able to understand the strategic intent




Client Interface:

Interface with peer level clients


Key Responsibility Areas:

Analytics Assessment:

– Create assessment frameworks for evaluating marketing and analytics tools, services, and

infrastructure and guide assessment process and deliverables

– Leverage subject matter expertise on leading marketing & analytic tools and measurement platform

components in shaping and developing marketing analytics recommendations.

– Analytics & Strategy & Planning:

– Drive all components of the measurement strategy & planning process:

– Identify objectives & key success metrics

– Define measurement approach and requirements

– Develop roadmap for action

– Create test and learn strategies and in-market test plans

– Manage implementation of measurement and test plans, including managing vendors and driving

data quality management processes with multiple analytic tools

– Select leading vendors / partners as appropriate and develop coordinate analytics strategy and

planning activities across multiple team players

Analytics Implementation:

– Review implemention of analytics tool according to reporting requirements

– Review & Optimize reporting based on documented objectives and requirement

Marketing Analysis:

– Direct development of analytic presentations and surface key insights and recommendations to

optimize marketing effectiveness and efficiency

Thought Leadership:

– Identify marketing and analytics trends and best practices

– Generate and develop points of view and thought leadership pieces

– Create business development and marketing collateral

– Present white papers, points of view and other best practices material at conferences

Business Development

– Support business development activities and client proposals

– Build relationships with senior clients and identify new business opportunities


Reporting Structure:

Reporting to Senior Planning Director, one associate analysis will report to this role, coordinator with regional analytical peer


Experience Requirement:

   4+ years of agency (traditional or interactive), marketing, market research, consulting and /or

planning experience

   2+ years of analytics experience

   2+ years working with regional and global stakeholders,

   CRM, digital platform


Education requirement:

            Bachelors Degree

            Masters considered an advantage

            Professional training in analytics tools desirable

            Local/ Expat both ok

            English/ Chinese: Bilingual 

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